Encyclopedia Britannica Holocaust Articles

Encyclopedia Britannica has made the following articles about the Holocaust available free of charge so that the history of the Holocaust will not be forgotten.  Many of the articles have been written by Michael Berenbaum, a leading Holocaust scholar.

Part 1:  Hitler and the Origins of the Holocaust

Discussion Questions http://www.britannica.com/new-multimedia/pdf/holoca070.pdf

Part 2:  The Holocaust

Discussion Questions http://www.britannica.com/new-multimedia/pdf/holoca071.pdf

Part 3: The Allied Response:  Should the Allies Have Bombed the Camps?

Discussion Questions  http://www.britannica.com/new-multimedia/pdf/holoca072.pdf

Part 4: The Christian Response: The Actions of the Church

Discussion Questions http://www.britannica.com/new-multimedia/pdf/holoca073.pdf

Part 5:  Art, Meaning, and Memory

Discussion Questions  http://www.britannica.com/new-multimedia/pdf/holoca074.pdf