Study Tips

Practicing Your Torah and Haftarah Portion

To practice your portion, always start out by chanting the trope signs from the trope sheet.  This helps you to get into the proper frame of mind.  Do use the CD to help you make sure you are chanting correctly.

When you are ready to work on Torah as well as Haftarah chanting:

  1. Do make sure that you use the trope sheet to chant Haftarah trope before beginning Haftarah work, and that you use the trope sheet to chant the Torah trope before beginning Torah work.
  2. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to practice Torah and Haftarah chanting at the same time.  Practice Cantor Sharon’s material in between times, do homework, take a break, talk to a friend, walk your dog, do something, but separate those practices in your mind!!
  3. Keep in mind that you will be “reading” Torah from a real, live scroll; not from the notebook we are using.
To be ready to read from Torah with confidence do the following:

  • Master the chanting of three phrases a day.
    • Each phrase should be repeated, perfectly at least 10 times from the side of the page showing the vowels and trope signs. (Your CD is vitally important to ensure that you are indeed chanting the phrase correctly here).
    • Immmediately switch your focus from the side with the vowels, to the Torah side, and chant the phrase.
    • Determine if you chanted it correctly.
      • If yes, continue with phrase two and points a, b and c.
      • If no, repeat points a, b and c for phrase one.
    • Once you have two phrases mastered, check to see that you can chant them in order. When that is good, add the third phrase of the day.
  • Every day, review previously learned phrases to keep them up to level, and add the next three phrases.
  • Do this practice on a daily basis!!!!  One of the biggest mistakes people make, is to think that by cramming in everything in one or two mega-sessions they will learn the chanting properly.  Mega-sessions don’t create comfort with chanting or confidence: DAILY PRACTICE IN SMALL AMOUNTS TO BUILD THE WHOLE STEADILY DOES CREATE ALL THE COMFORT AND CONFIDENCE YOU NEED TO MAKE YOUR FIRST PUBLIC READING OF TORAH A SUCCESS AND A THRILL!!!!!