Elementary Hebrew School

Our afternoon Hebrew school students are taught the importance of our people’s past through the study of Hebrew. At the same time, our curriculum creates knowledgeable Jewish adults when our students become the leaders of the Jewish people. The afternoon Hebrew program meets the educational needs of each synagogue.

Our curriculum consists of the instruction of linguistic Hebrew skills: reading, writing and comprehension, and the study of Siddur prayer. Jewish holidays and customs are integrated into Hebrew studies. Classes in advanced Hebrew and Mechina, which offers preparatory Hebrew instruction to students in 2nd Grade, complete the curriculum to meet the needs of students at all proficiency levels within our community.

B’nai Mitzvah Preparation: Individual preparation for Bar/Bat Mitzvah by our Cantor in coordination with the students’ congregation.

The basic Hebrew School curriculum is a four (4) year program that consists of reading, writing and comprehension of Hebrew and the study of Siddur prayer. Students generally begin attending Hebrew School when they enter their third grade of public or private school, or are 8-years-old.

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